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If you're looking for help with life coaching in Miami or for a Miami Beach life coach, life counseling, personal counseling and or career counseling. Because life can become exhilarating. Yes, it can be scary, but you feel fully alive. That's when you know you are really living….and it's so worth it.
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I too was lost in a forest.. I had to reinvent myself. I was exactly where you are now. I was at a cross roads where I could remain on the path I was on; unhappy, de-motivated, not loving my work, not in a great relationship, clueless about money and not taking care of my health.  Or I could take responsibility for my life and change it! And that is when I decided to.. start really living.

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Do you get out of bed, excited to start your day?


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How to get your groove back and feel energized and excited about life again?


Meet Catherine Patrick

Phenomenal Life Coach

Specialized coaching exercises will uncover and clear away self-doubt, insecurities and behavior patterns that have kept you..

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Life can be challenging. I'd like to help you!

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